Bereavement is one of the most traumatic and psychologically distressing experiences in a person’s life and it is something we will all experience at some point of our lives. You may find it difficult to cope with the death of your loved one and may need support to come to terms with your loss. You may feel like you have lost your sense of identity and have trouble dealing with the range of emotions you may experience.

Bereavement counselling will help you to feel supported and feeling reassured that what you are experiencing is normal. It will also enable you to discover your own coping resources which will help you reach a stage of acceptance of the loss that allows you to reconnect with your life.

Grief is a unique experience and you may experience a range of feelings from numbness, shock, denial, profound sadness, anger and other difficult feelings. Some people may also experience feelings of guilt. It may be difficult to comprehend the loss or to make sense of it. Many bereaved people have difficulty dealing with their grief and to process their feelings.

Complicated grief occurs as a result of a sudden shock, like the unexpected death of a loved one. It may be difficult for you to understand your loss and come to terms with the reality of it. Complicated grief can worsen over time as you struggle to process your grief and it can have a disruptive effect on your day to day living. This in the long term could lead to ill health.

I work with different losses, bereavement and terminal illness with an area of special expertise in working with bereaved parents who have lost a baby or a child. The loss of a baby either through elective termination, miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, sudden infant death or the loss of a child, however short or long their lives were, is the most traumatic of all bereavement. All of your hopes, dreams and expectations for a life with that baby or child have been sadly and tragically brought to an end.

I offer specialist bereavement counselling for bereaved parents (and grandparents) to help you work through the grieving process after the loss of your baby or child. I have several years of experience and am currently still working with bereaved parents as a specialist bereavement midwife counsellor at a local hospital and I also offer counselling at a local cancer unit and a children’s hospice.

If you have experienced a loss and are thinking of a subsequent pregnancy or are now pregnant again, I can provide you with the support you need. I also work with the feelings of loss and grief which may result from fertility issues.

I also offer bereavement counselling for the loss of a loved one (spouse, sibling, parent, friend) and for those affected by terminal illness.

If you would like help dealing with your bereavement, whether your loss is recent or a long time ago, I can provide you with a confidential quality service.

If you feel that working together with me could have positive benefits for you, please get in touch with me to book an appointment either by phone or text on 07547 641426 or email me on

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